The Portrait Program

Let me show you how to make great portraits

A more fun, more rewarding way to make portraits you're proud of

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If you want to make portraits that are full of life. If you want to enjoy making them. This program is for you.

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A simple and straight forward approach

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100's of hours of videos and growing every week

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Improve observation and freehand skills

So much more than a course

The program is like a library of resources and I keep adding to it. Lots of demonstrations where I'll show you how I do it. I'll set assignments and Challenges. I talk about mindset issues such as "Lack of Motivation", "Artists Block", "Fear of failure" and all the other obstacles we put before us. 

I will show you how to draw the face using simple methods to get things in the right place. My ultimate aim is to help you unlock your potential to make great portraits.

When I realised that creating great portraits is all about having the right mindset everything changed.

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How it works

You can can buy a One Month Pass or pay a Monthly Subscription. You can access the content that's already on the system straight away and every time I add new content you will be notified by email. But because the content is always available you'll never miss a thing. If you have any question please drop me a line.

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