4 Week Portrait Observation Bootcamp

3 weeks intensive observation training and on the 4th week you will draw a portrait more accurately than you have ever done before.  

Observation is something we can all do, but...

...we don't look properly, we glance, we assume, we rely on existing knowledge, and our portraits fail to capture the essence of our subject.

So lets do something about it! 

This is a 4 week "intensive Bootcamp" and it will be challenging!
It will require commitment and determination. You will have to push yourself, but if you want to draw better portraits it will be worth it.

This is how it works..

  • Week 1. It's all about getting things in the right place - each day I will send you an assignment via email. On day 5 you will send me your completed assignments and I will give you feedback. I will also do a live session and address any issues. (this will be recorded so you can access it at anytime) 
  • Week 2. It's all about the shapes - As in week 1, I will send you an email assignment every day. Again on day 5 you will send me your completed assignment and I will give you feedback. 
  • Week 3. It's all about the tones - As with the first and second week I will send you an email assignment for 4 days and feed back on you completed work on day 5.
  • Week 4. Now we draw a portrait - By now you will know the face very well.  The alignments, the shapes, the relationships and the tones. On day one I will go through the process of "Ticking in" and show you how to put what you've learn't into practice.  This will be a video which you can watch at any time. You will have a week to draw the portrait and on the final day you will send me your portrait and I'll give you feedback.

Cost £650 

Places limited to 5 as I will be helping each of you individually. 

If you want to know when the next 4 week course starts enter your email and I'll send you all the details....

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