Draw portraits in charcoal that capture the life force and likeness

If you want to draw portraits full of life, this course is for you.

It's not about methods, geometry or anatomy...
it's all about 3 things...



When you were a child you never started a drawing thinking you were going to make art. You had no expectations, no standards to meet or compare with, it was just fun.



Most people just do what they see others do, but what’s the best way of working to allow you to be more free and liberated?



It’s the one thing we can all do. Unfortunately most people don’t do it enough. They don’t connect with what we see, either on a visual or emotional level.

I will show you how to liberate the way you work and get the results you are capable of. But most of all what I show is that drawing portraits isn't hard as long as you have the right attitude.

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Normally £100 now £49

It's all online so you can access the course anytime from anywhere in the world. Work at your own pace and the only things you need are charcoal, some paper and a putty or kneaded rubber

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What people are saying...

Having never really tried working with charcoal before let alone attempting portraits, I was a little daunted at the prospect. I needn't have worried. Your honest and gentle presentation has definitely given me the confidence to discover and apply a completely different approach to not only portraits, but to drawing full stop. I've realized that for years I've been bogged down with getting the detail right. Losing the enjoyment along the way. You've taught me there isn't and shouldn't be any pressure. Like you say, the likeness is never in the detail.
You offer us your personal objectives in terms of drawing. So many things you say resonate with me, you've definitely released my inner demons. I feel a lot calmer with my drawings now, even commissions. I'm now waking up at 3 am thinking about drawing, not out of panic as before, but eager to begin!!

Thank you Tony, I'm so enjoying your course. 


Drawing at arm's length on a fairly vertical canvas. I'm noticing it is easier to "tick in'' and be more accurate when farther back from the paper for sure.
I am fond of just "drawing what you see" as you say. I have heard this skill downplayed by academics and I have always scratched my head at this. I think being able to draw what you see and do it well is THE skill to have.
I love your course and your portrait drawing. 


The Joy of Portraiture

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