You "Can" make great portraits!

Let me show you how...

“Drawing portraits is hard” everyone says it.

Why do they say that?

Is it because they look at the work of someone like Rembrandt or Sargent and think “I’ll never be able to do that”?

But Rembrandt and Sargent would have looked at other portrait artists and may even have said the same thing.

Did it stop them?

The thing is that whilst ever you measure your ability with that of a person who has probably spent years, even decades perfecting theirs it will always seem unattainable. So why bother, right?


You make it hard.

You place yourself under massive pressure. You expect it to be perfect. To be technically right. To control the medium with precision and skill. To be as good as every great portrait you’ve seen. That people will like it etc., etc,.

And right there is the problem “EXPECTATIONS”

So what happens when you remove them?

That’s when making portraits becomes fun, enjoyable and far more rewarding.

That’s when drawing portraits is no longer hard!


If you want to be able to draw portraits freehand (no grids, tracing or projection). If you want them to be full of life and capture the likeness. If you want to enjoy making them and be proud of the results.

Let me show you how...

The starting point and the foundation of everything is the course. It covers everything I do and is designed to unlock your potential. Add to that my programme which is a “Lesson library” of hundreds of hours of video lessons. Demonstrations, Assignments, Challenges and help with getting the right “MIndset” to make GREAT portraits.

The Course

Drawing portraits isn't hard

Forget what you think drawing a portrait is about. In this course I will show you a different way, an easier way, a better way. 

  • I’ll show you that the most important thing you must have is the right mindset
  • How to improve your drawing by simply changing the way you work.
  • An easy and simple way to get things in the right place and how to work with tone

Introductory offer:
usual price £299.00

Includes 1 year access to 1OO'S OF HOURS OF VIDEOS in my Portrait Programme
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The Portrait Programme

The program is a "Lesson library" of resources that I keep adding to. There are currently 120 videos.

Over 100 hours of demonstrations where I'll show you how I make portraits. There are also assignments and Challenges.

I also talk about mindset issues such as "Lack of Motivation""Artists Block""Fear of failure" and all the other obstacles we put before us, to stop us.

But my ultimate aim is to help you unlock your potential to MAKE GREAT PORTRAITS!


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Online Workshops

I run ZOOM workshops on a variety of subjects. I you are interested please let me know and I'll send you the schedule.

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Monday Portrait Live

Every Monday at 6pm (London time) I'll draw a portrait and talk about the things that affect the way you make portraits, when I say talk I mean ramble :)

If you want to catch the next one join my FB page or subscribe to me YouTube channel

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When I realised that creating great portraits is all about having the right mindset everything changed.

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