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Let me draw a portrait for you...

The perfect gift, the perfect memory...

"A beautifully drawn charcoal portrait of a loved one or friend is something to treasure for a lifetime"

I've made 1000's of portraits and my aim is always the same "to capture the soul of the subject". Some artist will just make a  copy of a photograph, but for me that is pointless. I want to create something special, something that a photograph can not do.

How it works...

Option 1.

You film the subject on your phone.

To capture the soul of someone there is no better way to do it than to film them. A smile, a glance, that moment when you see them relaxed and happy. That is what you want in a portrait!

It's so easy to do. 

1. Make sure the subject isn't in harsh, direct light so that their features can be seen. A simple way to do this is to have them sit or stand with a natural light source (a window for example) to the left or right of them.

2. Hold you're phone inline with their head. Don't worry about moving it around, in fact different angles will help. 
Most importantly: talk to the subject get them to smile or laugh, to be themselves. Try to avoid the "Portrait stare" which you see in so many portraits.

A few seconds of video can provide over a 100 still images

3. When you have shot the video send it to me and I'll go through and recommend which frame we should use.

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How much does it cost?

One head drawn in Charcoal at A3


*Postage/Shipping will be extra

 For more than one head, or a colour portrait please use the form below to tell me more about your requirements. 

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